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Alfa Romeo Financial Services has the depth of expertise and comprehensive range of finance options to provide you with the right choices. We can develop a finance plan to suite your business - from a simple repayment scheme to a total motoring package, allowing you to optimise budgets and liberate your cash flow.

Maintenance, servicing, licensing, emergency assistance and vehicle disposal can all be included, depending on your choice of plan, enabling you to focus on your core business.

Choosing the Right Strategy

Some fundamental choices can help you to start shaping your strategy.

Do you want to own the vehicle at the end of the agreement?

If the answer is yes, you would be better off considering the Hire Purchase or Lease Purchase. But if you don’t wish to own the vehicle, Finance Lease or Contract Hire would be more suitable. Hire Purchase offers your business a straightforward repayment scheme, where Lease Purchase offers greater flexibility.


Which will match your business dynamics best?

You may be happy to take on the responsibility of fleet maintenance and servicing. In this case we would recommend you consider Finance Lease or Contract Hire without maintenance. If you would prefer us to handle all maintenance and servicing, then the ideal choice would be Contract Hire with maintenance.

Once you have considered these fundamental elements, you should look at the options in more detail.


Hire Purchase

Straightforward, tried and tested, Hire Purchase has some tax advantages for businesses. If owning your own vehicle is a priority, it is a cost-effective route. Your company pays an initial deposit – which, for commercial vehicles, includes a VAT element that can normally be reclaimed, if your business is VAT registered – and then fixed equal monthly repayments. It’s a method that allows you to budget precisely in advance.

You can claim up to 100% tax relief on the interest charged, and as the vehicle is classified as an asset, you can write it down against taxable profits. At the end of your Hire Purchase agreement, you are the owner of the vehicle.


Lease Purchase

Similar to Hire Purchase with the same tax advantages, lease Purchase offers a greater degree of flexibility. The initial deposit comprises of monthly payments in advance and the scheme normally includes a final ‘balloon’ Residual Value payment.

This allows you to reduce monthly payments and boost your cash flow. At the end of the agreement you can either make the final payment and keep the vehicle or part exchange it, using any surplus equity as a deposit.



Incluso, exclusively Alfa Romeo. A personal Contract Hire Scheme for private owners, it brings all your running costs together in one monthly rental payment. It even protects you from changing residual values and keeps you mobile with a relief vehicle should the unexpected occur. All you have to do is enjoy the drive. Incluso gives you:

  • A full maintenance package
  • A relief vehicle after 48 hours
  • No residual value risk
  • Road fund licence

For full details call us on 0800 234234.



Finance Leasing gives you many of the advantages of vehicle ownership at minimal cost and maximum flexibility.

Because we buy the vehicle and recover the VAT, the cost to you of financing it is calculated on a VAT exclusive price, dramatically reducing monthly rentals. Your initial rental normally comprises of monthly rentals in advance, and there is usually a final lump sum ‘Residual Value’ rental which contributes to a low monthly rental figure.

Flexibility is another strength. You have the choice of a lease period from 1 - 5 years. During your agreement, the vehicle is an asset on your balance sheet, and an element of your rentals can be offset against taxable profits. Up to 100% of the VAT on rentals can also be claimed, depending on the level of business use and type of vehicle. At the end of your agreement the vehicle can be sold to a nominated third party with the proceeds, less a nominal fee, being paid back to you as a rebate of rentals. This rebate will attract VAT, so if you have reclaimed VAT during the agreement, HM Customs & Excise will need to know about VAT on your rebate. Alternatively, you may choose to keep the vehicle on a secondary period rental or 'peppercorn' rental.



Contract Hire offers you all the benefits of vehicle use without the responsibilities of ownership.

It starts with a low initial outlay – typically 3 months rental – and features fixed monthly payments based on a contracted lease period and mileage. Contract Hire can also provide you with a complete peace of mind package that includes maintenance, relief vehicles, AA assistance and accident management. At the end of you Contract Hire agreement you simply hand the vehicle back with nothing more to pay, subject to mileage and condition.


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